"Preble County Board of Developmental Disabilities has partnered with Sandy Landers and MBS
on several occasions. MBS is an excellent resource for us. We have utilized MBS in several
capacities; on an intermittent basis during staff medical leave to managing our billing, in addition
to providing county board staff with training that will ultimately lead to agency efficiencies.
Sandy demonstrates a strong working knowledge of both Infall and Gatekeeper software programs.
MBS is a resource to consider when looking as filling both short term and long term gaps."
- Diane Knupp, Superintendent, Preble County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Filling in Both Short- and Long-Term Gaps

"Medicaid Billing Solutions has been an asset to Ohio Valley Adult Day Services by providing
excellent services and knowledgeable staff that go above and beyond what is required.
The valuable time that Medicaid Billing Solutions provides doing our billing allows me to focus
on other operations that makes us successful. I would like to express appreciation
to Medicaid Billing Solutions and their staff for their commitment to our success."
- Lisa Hensley-Boggs, MBA, Owner/CEO, Ohio Valley Adult Day Services, LLC

Allows Me to Focus on Other Operations

“Sandy Landers and the staff at Medicaid Billing Solutions are smart, hardworking communicators,
who are willing to teach. They are available when I need them and strive to make sure I have
all the tools I need to make decisions. Additionally, they go above and beyond to help
my company maximize revenue. “ - Greg Wehr, Co-Owner, Person Centered Services

Above and Beyond to Maximize Revenue

“Sandy has extensive knowledge about our industry. Her attention to detail is unparalleled.
Medicaid reimbursement is a critical part of our industry’s revenue stream.
I cannot think of anyone better to trust with integral part of DD operations.” - Ken Albert, President MCG, Inc.

Extensive Industry Knowledge

"Medicaid Billing Solutions is the way to go when it comes to customer service and providing
the most effective way to capture revenue for my agency! Sandy and her team have always been able
to advise and produce any information needed for my business as well as bill efficiently."
- Jennifer Stone, Owner/CEO TexStone Industries

Effective Revenue Capture

"They have been willing to assist us in all billing aspects, report generation, auditing our billing submissions,
and tracking. They go above and beyond to provide superior service. They are flexible, responsive,
and work hard to ensure our company gets every penny we are entitled to. When we were a new company
and strapped for cash,they agreed to submit billing on shorter time intervals at no extra costs.
Medicaid Billing Solutions cares about our success." - Todd Cribbet, Director of Grow, Inc.

Cares About Our Success

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