Complete and Accurate Billing


MBS will provide a customized package to meet your organization’s specific billing needs for Home & Community Based Waiver Services and Targeted Case Management to ensure that your claims are paid quickly and accurately.  Our team based billing assures that your collections are never interrupted.  We will:

* submit clean claims quickly and reconcile payments.

* pre-adjudicate claims before the DODD and Medicaid ever see them.  We know what will be denied before claims are submitted, allowing us to fix issues before they affect your revenue stream.

* review error and denial reports to correct problems so that organizations can resubmit claims, recovering sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.  We also identify and recommend processes and procedures to reduce the number of future errors.

* dedicate staff to follow up on claims that do not pay quickly.

* compare payments to contractual allowables and vigorously pursue underpayments.

* analyze utilization to reduce PAWS errors.

* review service documentation for compliance and quality.

* work with agency staff, ODJFS and the DODD to maintain an accurate database of individual information.

* provide reports to management and staff as requested.

* provide other related billing services.

Medicaid Billing Solutions’ incentives are 100% aligned with those of your agency.  If we are not collecting your money then we don’t get paid.




              Training and Consultation


MBS will provide training and consultation to your administration and staff to ensure that your organization is compliant and efficient.

This winter, MBS will begin offering billing and service documentation training to agencies that meets the new requirements for certification by the DODD.

* DODD certification requirements

* service delivery and documentation requirements

* understanding acuity/staff intensity ratios

* budget limitations, cost projections and PAWS

* tracking utilization of authorized services

* working with MBS to maximize your agency’s billing efficiency and cash flow




              Compliance Reviews


MBS will conduct an administrative and program review of compliance with laws, rules and regulations, including preparation for DODD provider compliance, including:

* Medicaid provider agreement compliance

* policies and procedures review

* staff and agency compliance with certification and training

* documentation and billing procedure review

MBS will review and analyze your organization’s services and Medicaid reimbursement system for compliance, maximization of revenue, and efficiency, including:

* individual file reviews

* waiver utilization tracking

* quality assurance reviews

* provider compliance

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